Alexandra & Dominique Duvivier | Cup & Ball Challenge – 1999 | Blast from the Past

« 1999 – the Cup & Ball Challenge, Daughter versus Father. This footage is the first time Alexandra & her father Dominique Duvivier performed together. The footage was released in 2000 (for a series dedicated to Dominique Duvivier’s magic), shot in Sacramento after the A-1 Magical Media organised by Michal Maxwell. » Connie Boy

« In 2018 Alexandra was the first French female magician to win the coveted Fool Us award by Penn & Teller on « Fool Us » broadcast on the CW network » Connie Boyd.

« Alexandra states, « I am so proud of this footage because when I was a little girl I saw him performing Cups & Balls alone at the Double Fond ! Now years later we have performed it together and we still do perform it together »  » Connie Boyd.

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